Who is Ladesion Riley? Houston man who raps about robbing ATMs on YouTube

Ladesion Riley, also known as “Jug God,” rapped about stealing from ATM machines outside of Texas before being apprehended in Tennessee, according to reports.

According to reports, a Houston Youtuber who rapped about robbing ATM machines was detained last week in connection with the robbery of an ATM technician in Tennessee.

Ladesion Riley, better known by his stage name “Jug God,” recently uploaded a video to YouTube titled “Make it Home,” in which he raps about robbing money ATMs outside of Texas. According to Fox Houston, he sung about having thousands of dollars in a vehicle and praying to return home.

According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, he was detained this week after checking out of a motel in Dickson, Tennessee, with Darius Dugas, 27, Sashondre Dugas, 32, and Christopher Alton, 27. Houston is home to all four suspects.

On Monday, two of the suspects approached a Bank of America ATM technician from behind and instructed him “not to do something dumb and hand over the money,” according to authorities. According to investigators, one of the getaway automobiles was a Hyundai Elantra hired from Hertz.

Later that day, detectives spotted the Mercedes and a Jeep parked at a Motel 6. Authorities stated they saw as the cash was placed into the Jeep.

Authorities discovered bundles of cash but did not say how much it was worth.

Two of the accused had previously been arrested and were out on felony bonds. According to the Houston Police Officers’ Union, Riley is facing a charge of avoiding arrest in a motor vehicle.

According to the union, Dugas is a repeat criminal who is currently free on a pending charge of felon in possession of a handgun.

According to officials, all four accused are anticipated to face federal charges.

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