Who is Kent Cody Barlow? Man Who Crashed three-year-old boys to death

At 100mph, a driver high on meth killed three three-year-old boys, police say.

People in Utah County say that two kids were playing with construction toys when the car smashed through the fence and hit them. They died.

When the car ran through the stop sign, it went off the road and hit 345 feet of fences and stables before hitting the kids. They died right away, and their bodies were never found.

Police have arrested Kent Cody Barlow, 25, who was charged with homicide after he was found to have methamphetamine in his system when he crashed his car.

He and three other people in the car were hurt very badly or very badly, but not dead.

These photos show that the car was upside down after the crash, and they show that it was completely destroyed.

The police say: “There was an accident with the car. It swerved off the road and went to the right. In the first place, it broke through a vinyl rail fence. Then it broke through a five-rail steel pole fence, and then it broke through another part of that same steel pole fence.”

Police say the car “launched into the air, and then came down on top of a lean-to-style set of horse stables.” It stopped on its side.

It was while Barlow was on parole that he got into the accident. He had been on parole at the time. Barlow has been in trouble for a long time.

When we think about the Ratliff and Jackson families, it hurts us to think about them. They died on Monday, May 2. They were three years old. “Odin Ratliff and Hunter Jackson tragically passed away on Monday, May 2.”

It was just fun for them to play together with their toy trucks in the sand. As children, they have been best friends.”

They have always felt at home there. The families of these boys are now mourning the loss of their young sons because they were reckless and drunk when they drove “The teacher says this.

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