Who is Katherine Kessey? Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Career, Net Worth

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Who is Katherine Kessey?

Katherine Glyn Kessey is a well-known actress who was born in Australia on January 28th, 1946. She is married to the actor Bill Treacher, who hails from the United Kingdom. Jamie Treacher, the couple’s son, also works in the acting industry.

She was born in Perth, which is located in the state of Western Australia, and her father, Gwilym Kessey, was a cricket player for the state of Western Australia.

In 1966, she made her debut on television in the role of one of her twin daughters in the television show Nelson: A Study in Miniature. Her twin sister, Karen Kessey, played the other role of one of her twin daughters in the same show.

They also appeared in the play All Fall Down, which was broadcast on Australian television.

Who is Katherine Kessey Husband?

Katherine married Bill Treacher in 1971. At the time, Katherine Kessey was 24 years old, and Bill Treacher was 40.

Katherine Kessey Children

The couple’s namesake children, Jamie and Sophie Treacher, are both named after them.

What is Katherine Kessey Net Worth?

Katherine’s net worth is believed to be $14 million . Her principal source of money is her successful acting profession.

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