Who is Kate Snow? Journalist NBC Biography, Husband, Career, Net Worth.

You may be interested in learning more about the career of Emmy Award-winning journalist Kate Snow. The Emmy-winning journalist has been a television host for many years.


If you have never heard of her, you may be surprised to learn that her passion for journalism is so diverse. Read on to learn more about the life and times of this remarkable woman.

Kate was born in Bangor, Maine and raised in upstate New York. She later graduated from Cornell University and then went on to pursue her graduate studies at Georgetown University, where she studied foreign service and affairs.


Kate Snow Career

You’ve probably heard of Emmy-winning journalist Kate Snow. She’s done everything from reporting on child sexual abuse to investigating the opioid epidemic. Her stories have touched people’s hearts, and have often led to change.

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As lead correspondent for NBC News during the fall of 2014, Snow spent much of her time reporting on the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. She also conducted interviews with victims of the deadly disease, including Hannah Anderson.

She currently anchors the Sunday edition of the NBC Nightly News and serves as a substitute anchor for the show.

Her role on television has helped bring attention to the organization, and she has highlighted the work of BBBSA, which includes its national police mentoring initiative.

Snow recently received the Charles G. Berwind Lifetime Achievement Award, which honors outstanding volunteer leaders within the Big Brothers Big Sisters movement. She is also a noted charity worker.

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Kate Snow Husband

The Kate Snow Journalist NBC Biography has listed that she is married to Chris. They are the parents of two children, a boy named Zack and a girl named Abigail.

Kate Snow Net Worth

Kate Snow has an estimated net worth between $1 million to $3 million