Who is Kaitlin Armstrong? Moriah Wilson, love-triangle murder suspect

Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, is missing in Texas after her love rival and pro athlete, Moriah Wilson, 25, was found dead.

The gravel racer was allegedly living in an Austin apartment before competing in a competition in the region.

Moriah allegedly told a friend she was going swimming with Colin Strickland, 35, a fellow rider.

Last October, the two had a flirtation while Strickland was on break from his relationship with Armstrong.

They stayed friends and spent time together after that.

However, the enraged yoga teacher learned of their brief affair in January and was “shaking with wrath.”

Cops say she snapped after learning that her partner had a secret tryst with Moirah on May 11th.

Strickland allegedly informed Armstrong that he was going out to give flowers but that his phone battery had died and that he would be unable to call her.

Who is Kaitlin Armstrong?

However, he was actually swimming with Moriah at the Deep Eddy pool, which authorities say prompted Armstrong to seek vengeance.

At around 8.30 p.m., Strickland returned home with his old lover, just as Armstrong’s black 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokkee stalked the street.

She may have identified the duo’s whereabouts after seeing Moriah’s public Strava exercise app account.

Moriah’s companion went home moments after the SUV was caught up on a Ring camera to find her shot dead in a pool of blood.

After reportedly murdering the 25-year-old, yoga teacher Armstrong came home to Strickland and was detained by detectives – before disappearing.

Moriah, the “winningest lady in America,” was shot numerous times while riding gravel in the United States.

Investigators determined that she was shot multiple times with a 9mm round, the same calibre of gun that Strickland had allegedly purchased for himself and Armstrong.

Ballistic evidence backed up this theory, and an arrest warrant for Armstrong was issued.

The 34-year-old, who is also wanted by the FBI, has deleted all of her social media accounts and is on the run.

On Friday, Strickland published a statement claiming that his connection with Moirah was “platonic and professional.”

Armstrong and Strickland had been together for almost three years but had broken up when his romance with Moriah began.

“There is no acceptable way to explain the regret and torture I feel about my proximity to this horrific murder,” he wrote.

“I held her in high regard and considered her a close friend.” “I am heartbroken about her death.”

Moriah was a rising star in the cycling world, having recently turned professional.

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