Who is Josephine Langford? Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Career, Net Worth

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Who is Josephine Langford?

Josephine Langford is a well-known actress who was born in Australia on August 18th, 1997. Her main role as Tessa Young in the After film series brought her the most attention and success. In addition,

she played the role of Emma Cunningham in the Netflix movie Moxie, and she will also play the role of Zoey in the upcoming Netflix romantic comedy The Other Zoey, as well as Katy Gibson in Evolution.

Langford began taking acting classes at 13 years old. She began acting training at Perth Film School in 2012. She debuted in many short films, including Sex Ed (2013), When Separating (2013), and Gypsy Blood (2013), at the age of 14. (2014).

She made her debut in the 2017 independent film Pulse, which was presented at film festivals. She acted opposite Joey King as a supporting actress in the same year’s American horror thriller Wish Upon. In 2017, she made her debut on the Australian television series Wolf Creek.

Who is Josephine Langford Husband?

Langford chooses to keep her personal life private. She hasn’t revealed much about herself, such as if she’s been married or dating.

Josephine Langford Children

Langford may or may not have any children. She has not revealed whether or not she has given birth to any children.

What is Josephine Langford Net Worth?

Langford’s net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $3 million. Her fortune was mostly derived from her successful acting career.

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