Who is Jorge Ramos? Biography, Age, Children, Wife, Career, Net Worth

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Jorge Ramos is a Mexican-American journalist and author. He is regarded as the the most well-known Spanish-language news anchor in the United States and has been dubbed “The Walter Cronnkie of Latin America”. He is located in Maiami, Florida, and presents the spanish-language news shows Noticiero, Al Punto and the Sunday morning political news program on Univision, in addition to the English-language Fusion TV program America with Jorge Ramos. He has covered five wars between the fall mof ther Berlin Wall and the War in Afghanistan.


What is Jorge Ramos Age?
Jorge Ramos is 64 years old.

Jorge Ramos` Parents?
Maria de Lourdes and Avalos Blanco


What is Jorge Ramos Height?
He is 1.73m tall.

Jorge Ramos Children?
Jorge Ramos has two children, Paola Ramos and Chinunquira Delgado

What is Jorge Ramos Net Worth?

Jorge Ramos has a net worth of $14 million


Who is Jorge Ramos Wife?

His wife is Lisa Bivola

Jorge Ramos Career.

Ramos worked on the regional edition of 60 Minutes for Grupo Televisa’s XEW-TV in Mexico City. He left that employment at the age of 24 after one of his stories that was critical of the Mexican government was edited. He traveled from Mexico to Los Angeles in 1983 on a student visa with the intention of enrolling in journalism courses at UCLA Extension. He was hired by KMEX-TV in 1984, a Los Angeles affiliate of the Spanish International Network (SIN) at the time. KMEX-TV ran on a meager budget in a dilapidated building on Melrose Avenue. Ramos felt free to express himself at KMEX: “To me, it was a palace. The United States provided options for me that my nation of birth was unable to provide.

total freedom of expression and press freedom.” He started hosting the morning show Mundo Latino on KMEX three years later. Ramos then joined SIN’s national operation in 1987, which was renamed the Univision network a year later after acquiring new ownership. Univision and Televisa have an extensive news and entertainment sharing arrangement.

As of 2014, young audiences preferred KMEX-Univision DT’s 34 news programs over those in the English language. [17] Numerous foreign leaders, including Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, and Hugo Chavez, have been subject to his interviews.

Additionally, Ramos publishes a bilingual weekly column that is read worldwide and frequently contributes as a pundit to English-language television networks like CNN and MSNBC. His Q Score among Latino audiences positions him between soccer player Lionel Messi and pop singer Shakira. Polls among American Latinos identify him as the most trustworthy and influential Hispanic in America, topping all other political figures.

He established Despierta Leyendo (Wake Up Reading), the first book club in Spanish-language television history, in 2002.

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