Who is Joel Louis Garcia? Man arrested for brandishing gun at downtown, Zilker Park

According to reports, the Austin Police Department was informed of the suspect’s plans to carry out a mass shooting at the next drum circle.
Following a Sunday drum circle earlier this month, an Austin man was detained on suspicion of firing a gun at numerous individuals in a city park.

According to jail records, Joel Louis Garcia, 34, was detained on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon days after the incident.

The victims told police that they met Garcia during the regular drum circle that took place in Zilker Park, but that he became angry when a woman declined to hang out with him. Zilker Park is a vast 358-acre space near downtown Austin that includes the Barton Springs pool, a botanical garden, and miles of hiking paths. Every day, thousands of people enjoy it.

Who is Joel Louis Garcia?

According to an affidavit obtained by Fox 7 Austin, Garcia allegedly approached the victims on June 12 with a revolver as they were standing in the parking lot.

According to the affidavit, he was carrying a small.22 rifle with a sawed-off stock and maybe a suppressor on the barrel.

When someone attempted to calm Garcia down, who was verbally abusive and appeared intoxicated, Garcia allegedly fired a round that struck one of the victim’s cars.

Following that, Garcia allegedly tried to “pistol whip” a different victim, but she was able to avoid the attack. While some of the victims fled on foot, others escaped in the automobile that had been shot at.

According to the affidavit, the Austin Police Department got a tip three days after the event that Garcia was preparing a mass shooting during the following Sunday drum circle.

According to KXAN, he was detained as he exited a bus close to the park at Barton Springs Rd the day after police received the report. When the police apprehended him, they discovered a pistol in his backpack.

Garcia is currently being detained under a total bond of $60,000. Records at the jail did not name a counsel who could speak on his behalf.

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