Who is Isaiah Lee? Man charged with trying to attack Dave Chappelle

Last night at Dave Chappelle’s show at the Hollywood Bowl, a 23-year-old man tried to hit him.

Isaiah Lee is now being held in the custody of the LA County Sheriff’s Office on a single felony charge of assault with a weapon. His bail was set at $30,000.

Lee’s reason for the attack is still unknown.

Who is Isaiah Lee?

While Chappelle was making fun of his trans jokes at the Netflix is a Joke festival, the man stormed the stage and took the stage.

He had a gun with an inside knife, police say. On the way into the venue, it’s not clear whether or not he was searched. It’s not clear how he got to the stage.

It looks like Lee’s arm was broken during the fight.

He is said to be 140lbs and 5ft 11in tall.

Assailants stormed the stage and bundled Dave Chappelle to the ground in front of a shocked crowd, police say. The attackers had a knife hidden inside a fake gun.

In this case, it raises questions about security at Netflix’s first-ever live comedy festival, which made people put their phones away but didn’t notice that someone had a weapon.

Netflix hasn’t said anything about it yet.

The venue said on its website that the show, which was called Dave Chappelle and Friends last night, would be a “phone-free experience.” People would have to put their phones in pouches.

Foxx praised Chappelle on stage when the curtain came down, and he thanked him.

Jamie Foxx is getting a shout-out from him. When you’re in trouble, Jamie Foxx will show up in a sheriff’s hat and help you out.

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