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We know that Zaya Wade is a transgender woman but we still don’t know if Huaze Leo is the same. Her boyfriend recently posted adorable pictures of her family, and he has been revealing his gender identity through social media.

Fans have expressed mixed reactions to the pictures, but Union recently opened up about her love for Zaya in public. This has led to some confusion among fans.


Huaze Leo Gender

It’s unclear if Zaya Wade’s boyfriend Huaze Leo is transgender or not. The former Disney star’s boyfriend hasn’t publicly announced his gender identity, and he uses he/him in his social media posts.


The couple hasn’t publicly addressed Haze’s transition, but he has published a few adorable photos and videos of himself. His growth has been surprising to fans, who are happy to see Haze come out.

Zaya Wade’s boyfriend, Huaze Leo, is transgender. He and Zaya Wade’s relationship has been secretly dating for a few months. The two recently posted photos of themselves kissing on Instagram. Huaze has over 2500 followers on Instagram. Huaze Leo uses the gender pronoun he/him and he is a basketball legend.

Zaya Wade

In 2020, Zaya Wade came out as a transgender woman. Her parents, Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union, have publicly spoken about her coming out. Wade has been open about elevating his daughter who is transgender and has spoken out publicly about her own sexuality.

The news has been widely discussed and embraced in the trans community. The trans community has long been underrepresented in the media, so Zaya’s story is a very important one.

Despite being a famous actress, Zaya Wade has been vocal about her gender identity. In late Instagram posts, she shared pictures of herself and her boyfriend, Huaze Leo. Huaze Leo has also come out to the world and has revealed his pronouns. He also posts cute pictures of himself and his family. In fact, he has nearly 2500 followers on Instagram.

Huaze Leo’s preferred gender pronoun

Zaya Wade’s boyfriend, Huaze Leo, has become a sensation after he kissed the young model. Zaya has been very open about her sexuality and has even used her position to advocate for the rights of LGBTQ+ people. Wade is the daughter of basketball legend Dwyane Wade. She has over 2500 Instagram followers and uses the pronoun he/him.

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