Who is Hstikkytokky on TikTok? His Age, Girlfriend and Net Worth


If you’re into fitness, you’ve probably noticed Hstikkytokky in your TikTok stream.
Here’s everything we know about the TikTok sensation.

Who is Hstikkytokky on TikTok?

Hstikkytokky is a TikTok and Instagram fitness influencer who is 20 years old.
He was born in Essex, England, on October 6, 2001. Hstikkytokky is working on a fitness career while simultaneously continuing his schooling.

Currently, he is a student at the University of Birmingham.
There isn’t much information about his family or personal life available outside of what we know from his social media.

 Hstikkytokky’s real name and Age

Harrison Sullivan is Hstikkytokky’s true name.
Harrison began developing his muscles at the age of 16 according to his Instagram.

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Between the ages of 16 and 19, he began to upload comparative images of himself.
He now uses premium HED Fitness plans to explain what he did to reach his goals.

 Hstikkytokky Journey to fame on Tiktok

Due to his TikTok videos, the fitness influencer has recently garnered significant recognition among a wider audience.
He is well-known for his ongoing feuds with other TikTokers, such as Simple Simon and Hazey.

On July 16, 2022, the British influencer’s best buddy Ed Matthews will headline the TikTok boxing event against Simple Simon.

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Sullivan indicated an interest in competing against British-American TikTok starlet Andrew Tate in his own competition.

“I don’t care about kickboxing experience,” Sullivan remarked in an interview with SecondsOut. At the end of the day, a fight is a fight, and I know I’d put up a good fight.

What is Hstikkytokky’s net worth?

According to ShowBiz Corner, Hstikkytokky’s net worth is estimated to be around £278,000.
On his website, he charges £19.99 for three different sorts of workout programmes.

On June 9, the 20-year-old displayed his Lamborghini in response to Andrew Tate’s offer of a boxing battle.
He’s probably cashing in on influencer agreements with brand deals because of his enormous social media following.

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