Josette Pimenta was born in Santa Monica, California on October 26, 1991, and is 31 years old. According to her family history, she has four siblings.

She is a social media content creator, dancer, singer, model, and influencer known for her comedic videos, music, dancing, beauty, and fashion. She has a sizable following on various social media platforms.

She began performing at the age of nine. She studied a variety of dance styles, including jazz, tap, ballet, and modern.

She is best known for her popularity on Tik Tok, where she has over 10.7 million followers and over 290 million likes.

She is also active on Instagram, where she has over 298k followers and is still growing. She has over 24k followers on Snapchat.

She also has a self-titled YouTube channel with over 54k subscribers, where she mostly uploads reshared TikTok content.


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