Who is Dimukeje Victor? – An outside linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, USA, is a popular question on many sports fans’ minds. He played college football for Duke and was drafted by the Arizona Cards in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. His career has been an up-and-down one, alternating between two different positions. But there’s a common thread: he is a Duke graduate.

The Arizona Cardinals have a new cornerback in the middle of their roster: defensive tackle Victor Dimukeje. The former Syracuse University standout was selected in the sixth round by the team and signed a five-year deal. The team previously selected wide receivers Jalen Camp and Demetric Felton in the first round, but Dimukeje was chosen later. The team will have to find a spot for the rookie.

While Dimukeje isn’t the fastest pass rusher in the league, he does have the ability to bend and leverage in order to beat bigger offensive linemen. And he’s got a strong work ethic. While Dimukeje isn’t projected to be an elite every-down cornerback at the next level, he shows that he’s a highly productive backup and special teams player.

While he’s still developing as an NFL cornerback, he has already earned an All-America honor in college. He’s 6-foot-2, and weighs 262 pounds. He’s already played for the Blue Devils, but the Arizona Cardinals wanted him to be a starting linebacker. He played for the team for four years and had an impressive production while there.

The Arizona Cardinals selected Dimukeje as their sixth-round draft pick, which is the highest selection in the NFL Draft ever. At Duke, he was a two-time all-American and freshman all-American at Duke University. He was a solid performer in college and was drafted in the sixth round. While he may not be a starting lineback, his potential is considerable.

He’s a great fit for the Cardinals. His rangy, athleticism and physicality are attractive qualities to potential teams. His athletic ability will make him a valuable addition to the Arizona team. A big question mark is his age. In fact, he’s just 21 years old, so the Cards have plenty of room for improvement. He’s also still unsigned.

The Duke edge rusher has great hands, a solid understanding of the game, and a solid understanding of his assignment. His downfall, however, is his athleticism. The Duke lineback struggled to get pressure on the quarterback, but he works relentlessly and gives it his all to the team. But the Arizona Cardinals’ defense is not the best team in the league. He’s a good fit for the team in the ACC.


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