Who is Diane Downse Ex-husband Steve Downs?

Diane Downse Ex-husband Steve Downs
Diane Downse Ex-husband Steve Downs

Steve Downs is a relatively unknown figure, especially when compared to his infamous ex-wife, Diane Downs. However, he played a significant role in her trial, which drew media attention due to the shocking details of the crime.

Steve Downs was born in 1954 and grew up in Oregon. He attended school in Cottage Grove and later moved to Springfield, where he met Diane.

He worked as a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service before his marriage to Diane in 1973.

The Marriage of Steve and Diane Downs

Steve and Diane’s marriage was rocky from the start. The couple separated multiple times and eventually divorced in 1980, after Diane was convicted of murdering their daughter, Cheryl Lynn Downs, and attempting to murder their other two children, Christie Ann and Danny.

Diane claimed that an unknown assailant had attacked the family, but the evidence against her was overwhelming. She was sentenced to life in prison plus 50 years.

During Diane’s trial, Steve Downs testified against his ex-wife. He revealed that their marriage had been troubled, and that Diane had lied to him about many aspects of her life, including her education and her job as a nurse.

Steve’s testimony helped the prosecution paint a picture of Diane as a pathological liar and a danger to her children. His testimony was instrumental in securing her conviction.

After Diane’s conviction, Steve moved away from the public eye and has maintained a low profile ever since. There is little information available about his life after the trial.

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