Who is Debhani Escobar? Woman who vanished on the death road

On April 8, she had had an evening of partying in Escobedo until a dispute with one of her companions occurred.

Debhani was taken home by an off-duty taxi driver acquainted to the group, only named as 47-year-old Jess.

During the voyage, though, the kid and the driver are claimed to have had a “heated discussion.”

Jess, the cab driver, dropped Debhani on the side of the road after his rideshare app was inexplicably turned off during the trip.

He abandoned her on the side of the highway leading to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas’ border town, sometimes known as “death route.”

The barren 219-kilometer stretch got its foreboding moniker from the startling number of people who went missing there.

At before 5 a.m. on April 9, taxi driver Jess grabbed the final snapshot of Debhani, who was last seen alive, to give to her pals.

He was later arrested on narcotics charges, and his detention is thought to be connected to the disappearance.

The cabbie was arrested on Tuesday and questioned by authorities regarding Debahni’s abduction. He has previously been probed for harassment and attempted kidnapping of women.

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