Colorado’s Aurora, Councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky thought she was the target of a lone “political hit” earlier this year after being investigated for allegedly touching her own toddler improperly.

She learned dozens of other parents in the neighborhood were allegedly targeted by a social worker who allegedly sought to separate families with fabricated accusations months after she had already been cleared of any wrongdoing by investigators.

“This would still be happening if this hadn’t happened to me. This wasn’t a one-off occurrence. I initially believed it to be a direct political attack, “Fox News Digital spoke with councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky on Thursday.

“Since then, I’ve learned that this is most definitely not a unique incidence. Since many years ago, [former Arapahoe DHS staffer Robin Niceta] has been doing this “She debated.
When Jurinsky was summoned to the Arapahoe Sheriff’s office in April, she learned about Robin Niceta, a former social worker for the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services. An inquiry into an accusation that the councilwoman had assaulted her 2-year-old son sexually, which was made via an anonymous tip line, had already found the councilwoman not guilty.

The report was submitted on January 28, one day after the councilwoman appeared on a radio program to criticize the then-Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson, calling her “garbage” and calling for her to be fired. In the interview, Jurinsky, a vocal proponent of law enforcement, claimed that Aurora is “not safe,” citing numerous shootings that month, a paucity of police officers, and a police chief who has alleged, “police officers under the bus.”

In the summer of 2020, as a result of the defunding of the police movement’s aftereffects, morale among officers fell dramatically, and cops began to leave the force in large numbers.

“I ran on the platform that we would not cut funding for the police department and instead, rebuild it. We’re going to rebuild this police agency and reimburse everything “Fox News Digital heard the story from Jurinsky. “And I went to see what the issues are,” she continued. All signs, she claimed after speaking with “hundreds of cops,” “led to this police chief.”

She told Fox News that as a member of the city council, she urged the dismissal of the police chief.

The police chief was at the time dating Niceta, which she was unaware of, and Jurinsky quickly found herself in the middle of the accusation against her child. Since then, Niceta and the former police head have split up.

Soon after, the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services opened an investigation and found no misconduct on Jurinsky’s side. Jurinsky asserted that she thinks the fake tip was planted as payback for her criticism of Wilson.

Following the backlash over the death of Elijah McClain, a young Black man who died during a 2019 police contact, Wilson was ultimately let go from her employment in April. Wilson’s dismissal was justified by Aurora’s city manager as a result of departmental inefficiency and declining officer morale.

Wilson maintained her previously reported claim that she “had nothing to do with the charges in the affidavit” when she spoke with Fox News Digital last Monday.


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