Who is Cole Bartiromo? NewsBall Writer Offers $50k to Survivors to Speak Forward and Provides a $25k Bounty for an Idaho Killer.

Cole Bartiromo is a news blogger who is intervening in the search for an Idaho killer

A week after the murders of Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, all University of Idaho students, in the wee hours of November 13, Cole Bartiromo and NewsBall TV, a website that purports to expose false news, is now providing a $50,000 prize. Investigators searched through more than 1,000 tips that came in after the victims were discovered, but they were unable to find the perpetrator or the murder weapon.

“The cops & the families need to stand up & combine their efforts to make this a million dollar prize or more,” the description of the video, which was released on November 22, said. No suspect, no murder weapon, no rape or sexual assault motivation, and a party home full of numerous housemates who are all at the mercy of each other’s people, secrets, and drama are a formula for disaster! 

The two surviving roommates, Dylan Mortenson and Bethany Funke, are not speaking or sharing their opinions about the unbelievable circumstances surrounding this case, such as how they were unaware of a massacre taking place or blood all over the place, only believed one of them was “passed out,” and never called 911, but some “friends” used Dylan or Bethany’s phone to call 911 about a “unconscious person”. 

Where are Moscow, Idaho and surrounding authorities to come up and make this a record-breaking prize for a never before seen murder mystery out of a slasher horror film!?!? At this point, a million dollars will put an end to all of this madness and absurdity.

Cole Bartiromo, the proprietor of the station, is heard speaking in the clip saying that they are “giving $25,000 for the capture of the killer of the quadruple slaughter of four college students.” $50,000 if Dylan Mortensen and Bethany Funke, the two remaining housemates, agree to an interview, he continued.

You are free to express yourself whatever you like. Any, all, or none of the suspicions can be addressed. Clarify the situation or merely declare your innocence and your love for your buddies.

Cole Bartiromo continued, “This caught my attention from the first hour because police declared the neighborhood secure in an indiscriminate and puzzling manner. The students didn’t think it was true. How, he questioned, can you claim that the general population is secure while a triple murderer is still at large?

 “I’ve never heard of a murder story without mentioning how the victims died,” continued Cole. Four deceased college students are like nothing to see here; we don’t know who it is, the public is safe, and we won’t reveal how they perished.

He implied that the police are keeping anything from the public by saying, “Police you messed up from the beginning and wasted valuable time and took days to include the FBI.” Because “the caller understands that the cops know that’s him or her,” he emphasized the need of naming the person who dialed 911.

After that, Cole Bartiromo continued, “Parents of the victims collect their money together, the police department owes it to put in 500K from your fund, FBI should be putting in a significant amount, and it should be a million dollar reward.”

One user wrote in the comments section after the film, “This murderer, was either mad, a serial killer, or someone who knew them.” Added another “You were right on the money. The family must provide a prize. Money has a voice and will quickly find the perpetrator.”

Who is Cole Bartiromo?

Cole Bartiromo is a 37-year-old Californian public speaker and former con artist hails from Mission Viejo. After serving a 33-month federal prison sentence till 2010, he designated himself formally as The Dollar Scholar. He participated in a number of financial swindles and frauds, including IB2001, which promised “assured” and “risk-free” returns for sporting investments. With his appearances on programs like “MoneyTrack,”

“The Dr. Phil Show,” and “Dateline NBC,” among others, he received media attention as a result of these actions. According to the Daily Beast, Newsball exposes individuals Cole deems to be “liars, criminals, or frauds—even if they are young kids.”

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