Who is Carol Marlow? Tony Dow’s first wife

Carol Marlow became a public figure after her marriage to the late Hollywood star Tony Dow. She was engaged to the actor and director in the 1980s and even shared a son with him. The marriage lasted for eleven years before ending in a divorce. 

How old is Carol Marlow? 

Till date, the internet has not been able to capture the actual date and place of birth of Carol Marlow. Due to this, it is hard to tell exactly how old she is. Nevertheless, Carol Marlow is believed to have been born in 1952 and is about 70 years old. 

What is Carol Marlow’s profession?

Carol worked with prestigious travel related organizations like Thompson Vacations and Swan Hellenic Cruises before finally taking on the role of Managing Director at P and O Cruises from 2009 to 2013.

Who are Carol Marlow’s children? 

Carol shared a son with the late Tony Dow. He goes by the name of Christopher Dow. Unlike his parents, the younger Dow lives a life away from the limelight. 

Did Carol Marlow remarry? 

It is known that Tony Dow went on to marry a second wife named Lauren Shulkind after his split with Carol. It is however not known as to whether or not Carol ever remarried. If she did, she did a good job keeping the news private. 

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