Who is Carma Sharon? Age, Husband, Net worth


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Who is Carma Sharon?


Carma Sharon is an Australian actress, director, and producer who works out of the city of Sydney. Her roles in Deadly Women, Dead Squad: Temple of the Undead, iBOT, and Time Travel are primarily responsible for her widespread recognition. Carma was born in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

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Carma Sharon


Her mother was a model, her father was a theatrical actor, and all of her siblings have been involved with singing and performing at some point in their lives. She received a diploma in musical theater from Trinity College London, where she studied for her degree. Her first appearance on television was in an episode of the show titled “Deadly Women.”

What is Carma Sharon Age?

Carma Sharon chooses to keep her personal life private. She hasn’t revealed much about herself, such as her age and date of birth. Though she celebrates her birthday every year on February 20.

Who is Carma Sharon Husband?

It is possible that Carma Sharon is not currently married. She has not disclosed whether or not she is married or seeing someone at this time.

What is Carma Sharon Net Worth?

It is estimated that Carma Sharon’s net worth falls somewhere in the range of $3 million to $5 million. She amassed most of her wealth as a direct result of how successful her acting career was.

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