Who is Brian Hernandez? Dallas man broke into museum

According to reports, a 21-year-old guy who allegedly stole into the Dallas Museum of Art and destroyed $5 million worth of ancient antiquities did so because he was “angry at his girl.”

Someone “forcibly entered” the museum shortly before 10 p.m. Wednesday, according to a museum spokesman.


Who is Brian Hernandez?

The suspect was later identified as Brian Hernandez, who was apprehended shortly after fleeing the area. He’s facing charges of criminal mischief. He allegedly eluded museum security guards, cracked glass casings, and destroyed ancient Greek artifacts, at least one of which was dated 450 BC, according to Dallas police.

The Dallas Museum of Art is still open to the public, however owing to the damage, certain areas remain closed.


Many visitors to the museum on Thursday were unaware of what had occurred until they arrived.

“To be honest, it’s somewhat depressing. The DMA is one of my favorite museums since it houses so much historical art. It is a devastating occurrence for the entire Dallas community, and we hope they will be able to recover “According to Amail Beimenec.

Surveillance cameras showed a man with a “metal chair” in his hand at the door, according to court filings.

The dispatcher told investigators shortly after a 9-1-1 call from inside the museum that the guy acknowledged to breaking in.


“It was someone who appeared to be angry, and his aim seemed to be to get his wrath out by destroying whatever glass he could find,” said Agustin Arteaga of the Dallas Museum of Art.

When the responding security guard questioned Hernandez why he broke in, Hernandez allegedly replied that he was upset with his girl, so he broke in and started damaging items.

A sixth-century Greek vase and a 450 BC red-figure pyxis were among the most valuable pieces destroyed.

“He went through other spaces and did not hurt any other works, didn’t touch anything, didn’t have the intention of stealing anything,” Arteaga said. “It was just his anger that drove that person to do what it did.”

Arteaga said the alleged “girl” Hernandez was mad at is not an employee or associated with the museum. 

“We don’t have any connection that we know of, or that person, related to the DMA,” Arteaga added.

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