Who Is Bobby Rydell‘s Wife?

Camille Rydell

In addition to Camille Rydell, who is Bobby Rydell’s wife? Camille died from cancer in 2003, and Jennie Rydell passed away on Jan. 7.

The wedding itself was covered in Norm Clarke’s book, Who Is Bobby Rydell’s Wife? It’s a fun read, and you’ll find out more about the couple than you probably ever thought possible.

Linda Hoffman

The story of Bobby Rydell’s marriage to Linda Hoffman is a fascinating one. Born in Cleveland on April 26, 1942, the actor has a colorful past that includes his time in the “Golden Boys” show, numerous solo tours, and countless TV appearances.

The book describes his life, from his first love of singing to his denial of his drug and alcohol addiction. While he is still incredibly in demand internationally, he still loves to return to Wildwood for his homecomings.

Camille Quattrone Ridarelli

Camille Quattrone Ridarelli was Bobby Rydell’s first wife. She died of breast cancer in 2003. She and Rydell were married for almost four decades.

Camille was also Bobby’s manager, and he was reportedly unhappy to have a second woman. Camille was concerned that Rydell would move to Hollywood, but she was happy to stay in Philadelphia with her two children, Robert and Jennifer.


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