Who is Blu? Age, Biography, Aaron Rogers

In June 2022, Blu made headlines when she was said to be dating NFL legend, Aaron Rodgers.
Fans are now curious about his rumored girlfriend.

Who is Blu? Age, Biography

Blu is well-known for her work as an artist and host of a podcast.
Florescence, a “contemporary mystery school for women to recapture the magical, radically honest, wise, wild, unapologetic you,” is also co-founded by her.

Blu’s real name is Charlotte Brereton, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication, according to a source.

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are split because he prioritized football over everything else.’

She is also into psychedelic drugs, according to the insider, who also accused her of being a witch.
Blu has almost 84,000 followers on Instagram, where she frequently publishes about her work.

Is Blu a witch?

She was accused of being a witch by the moniker of “Blu of Earth” shortly after tales of her new relationship began to circulate.

However, she promptly responded to the charges, denying them on her Instagram stories.
“My name is Blu, by the way.” “Not Blu of Earth,” she wrote in a New York Post article.
“I don’t consider myself a witch.” “You guys are funny,” she wrote in yet another comment. H

Is Blu dating Aaron Rodgers?

Despite fan speculation, a relationship between Rodgers and Blu has yet to be proven.
After an image of them together leaked online in June, the two were first speculated to be dating.
As of this writing, neither Blu nor Rodgers have commented on the relationship rumors.
The dating allegations surfaced only weeks after she broke her nearly three-year relationship with Maraki

“The post you’d rather not have to write… On May 19, Duqum stated on Instagram, “We are voluntarily uncoupling.”
“…The problem is… There wasn’t a single reason we believed it was vital to separate that we could point to.
“It was more of an inherent sense that our time as love partners was drawing to a close.” As though our soul contract’ had been completed in this way,” the statement added.

“We fought it for months since our time together had been so nourishing in so many ways. But, in the end, we couldn’t deny the nagging feeling that, while our partnership was strong, it wasn’t the one we imagined for our future.

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