Who is Big Bambina? Dillon Brooks’ Trans Girlfriend 

Big Bambina is a Canadian model who is best known as the new “Transgender” girlfriend of talented NBA star Dillon Brooks. 

Who is Big Bambina? 

Big Bambina is a Canadian model. She is believed to go by the real name Danielle Frappier. A recently publicly disclosed birth certificate showed that Big Bambina was born on May 6, 1990 in North Vancouver, Canada. 

Is Big Bambina really a Transgender?

There have been a lot of rumors online about Big Bambina’s sex, it is actually the main reason why her relationship with Dillon Brooks is a trending topic. 

The entire Transgender rumor is believed to have been started by one of Dillon’s ex-girlfriends as some form of payback or act of jealousy, however the public quickly bought the story because of the natural boldness of Bambina’s facial features. 

Bambina personally debunked all these rumors and has denied being a Transgender. 

Is Big Bambina officially dating Dillon Brooks? 

As of now, the couple have not yet made their relationship official. Due to all the rumors and exes drama surrounding their relationship, many believe that the couple are simply waiting for the right time to go public. 

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