Who is Bessam Camacho? Gun-toting suspect, Staten Island arrest

A Staten Island career criminal was back on the streets Saturday — one day after he was nabbed by cops with a loaded gun.

On Benjamin Place in Arlington on Friday night, patrol officers discovered Bessam Camacho, 27, carrying a pistol with seven bullets in the magazine, according to the NYPD.

According to investigators, Camacho attempted to escape the scene and was charged with weapons possession, resisting arrest, obstruction, and disorderly behavior.

The culprit has been apprehended for the eleventh time by the NYPD. According to authorities, Camacho, an ex-con and gang member, had six prior unsealed arrests, three of which were for firearms. According to reports, four further arrests have been made.

According to reports, prosecutors requested that Camacho be kept on a $250,000 bond, but Judge Lisa Headley allowed him unsupervised release.

A request for comment from The Post was not immediately addressed by the district attorney’s office or court authorities.

Several law enforcement sources chastised the court’s leniency, blaming the decision on Albany’s bail reform bill.

A Staten Island detective added, “There is no way a guy with his past should be permitted to wander the streets freely.” “You can’t claim he’s not a flight risk because he didn’t want to be detained.”

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