Who is Bella Heathcote? Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Career, Net Worth

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Who is Bella Heathcote?

Isabella Heathcote (born May 27, 1987) is a model and actress from Australia. Her acting career began in 2008. She got a recurring role as Amanda Fowler in the television soap opera Neighbours the following year.

Heathcote has since played governess Victoria Winters in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows adaptation, Jane Bennett in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, model Gigi in The Neon Demon, Nicole Dörmer in the dystopian alternate history thriller series;

The Man in the High Castle, Leila Williams, Christian Grey’s deranged ex-lover, in Fifty Shades Darker, and Olive Byrne in Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.

Who is Bella Heathcote Husband?

Heathcote previously had a relationship with film director Andrew Dominik.In January 2019, she married architect Richard Stampton.

Bella Heathcote Children

Heathcote may or may not have any children. She has not revealed whether or not she has given birth to any children.

What is Bella Heathcote Net Worth?

Heathcote’s estimated net worth ranged somewhere between $3 and $5 million. Her successful acting career is her primary source of income. Her acting roles have earned her a lot of money.

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