Who is Barbara Starr? CNN, Age. Husband, Net worth


If you’re interested in the background of the famous television news journalist, then you’ve probably come across Barbara Starr’s biography. A CNN correspondent based in Washington, DC, Starr is known for her incisive reporting of the Pentagon and the United States’ national security. Listed below is a brief Barbara-Starr Biography. You can read about her career, educational background, and other interesting facts about her.

In the mid-1970s, Starr earned a degree in journalism from California State University, Northridge. From there, she became the Pentagon correspondent for CNN and began appearing regularly on shows like New Day and The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. She also covered national security and defense issues. In 1997, Starr joined ABC News where she covered breaking news on a global scale. In 2002, she joined CNN as the national security reporter and was honoured with the Jefferson-Lincoln Award.


Her first job in the media was as a correspondent for Business Week magazine. From 1979 until 1988, she covered energy matters and then moved to Jane’s Defence Weekly. In 1998, she joined ABC News as a producer covering the Pentagon. In 2002, Starr was named producer on the New Day show. In 2004, she worked as the Washington bureau chief for Jane’s Defence Weekly. In 2007, she became the director of national security for ABC News.

In addition to her reporting on the Pentagon and the Middle East, Starr is an influential voice in public policy. She has become a frequent guest on the Panetta Institute for Public Policy’s The Situation Room. As of 2018, she has no known ailment and earns a base salary of $105,000 annually. Her net worth is estimated at $5 million. She is also a co-host of several television programs and is the executive producer for the Situation Room.


She is an American journalist who has worked for CNN since the early ’80s. While she has a diverse background, her work experience is a testament to the dedication of the newscaster. She has covered wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is widely regarded as an expert on current political affairs. She has been married to Gaylord Lloyd since 1924. He is believed to be single. The biography of Barbara Starr is quite impressive.

While she has remained a mystery to the public, Barbara Starr’s life has been filled with surprises and accomplishments. Her childhood in Los Angeles, California, and her upbringing in Los Angeles shaped her life. As a child, she began working as an extra. She then went on to study at the California State University at Northridge. After graduation, she received a Bachelor of Journalism degree. Despite the fact that the biography of Barbara is not a complete one, it is a worthwhile read.

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