Who are Grey And Mama?

Grey and Lina Meeker, also known as Greyandmama, are a popular American social media influencer and content creator known for their TikTok content.

Although Linda manages the profile, Grey, her now 5-year-old son, is usually the focus of the account.

The duo is best known for his TikTok video series “Thank you mama,” which quickly went viral on the internet. Grey has been named TikTok’s most polite child.

With 7.4 million followers and 216 million likes, their videos have received millions of views. One of their most popular TikTok videos has received over 25 million views.

Linda created her first TikTok channel in January 2020, and on Mother’s Day 2020, Linda posted a TikTok compilation video of Grey saying “thank you, mama.”

It was a lighthearted and enjoyable way for them to spend their quarantine days. The videos quickly went viral, garnering millions of views.

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