Where to buy the Zayn Malik Funko Pop? Here is the price

Following the release of his figurine by the company on Tuesday, July 12, Zayn Malik acquired his own Funko Pop.


The announcement, which was announced by both Zayn and Funko Pop, had the fans giddy to the max. The musician shared the first glimpse of his own pop figurine on his Instagram stories.

Where to buy Zayn Malik’s new Funko Pop


Funko Pop recently tweeted an Amazon link to announce the pop figurine. The Amazon listing for the item states that it will be available on December 6, 2022.

On Amazon, the item is listed for $12.99, and delivery will run you an additional $10.84.

The shipping and import charges for clients ordering from abroad will change based on the region.

The Zayn Malik-themed figurine is already out of stock, according to Funko Pop. On their website, it costs $12.

Fans can register to receive notifications when it is back in stock on the corporate website if they wish to make a purchase.