What Businesses can you do with 100k?

What can u do with 100k?


Taxable investments, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and even CDs, are a good way to use your cash. Real estate can be a rewarding investment option, with its potential for appreciation and generous profits. For risk-averse people, investing in CDs and high-yielding savings accounts is a viable option.

Which business can I start with 1million naira?


1. Supermarket. With a capital of one million naira, you could start a medium-scale supermarket and get just about the right products. The supermarket business is very lucrative but if only it is set in the right location.

Is 100k cash a lot of money?

Having a 100k in savings or investments might mean quite a bit to you. It could be a number of years expenses depending on your lifestyle costs. This could mean you could take one or more years off work or work part-time because you don’t need the money.

Can I start POS business with 100000?

The process of starting a POS business is easy and can be completed within two weeks to a month, provided you meet the requirements of the host bank. Startup Capital: To start a business like this, experts say the amount of money will range from N80-100,000 including money to get the POS machine.

What is high demand business?

Youtube Channel (Food, Travel, Lifestyle) Graphic Designing. Web Development Services. Starting an Ecommerce Business.

What business can I do with 2 million naira?

With two million naira in account, you can invest into businesses like recharge card dealership which allow you to represent the mobile telecommunication networks as a dealer for distributing or selling recharge cards and data bundles to subscribers/customers across the nation.

Is 100k a lot of money in savings?

In fact, a good 51% of Americans say $100,000 is the savings amount needed to be financially healthy, according to the 2022 Personal Capital Wealth and Wellness Index.

How much does 100k grow in 30?

If you start with $100,000, at the end of 30 years, you’ll end up with about $575,000 (not counting dividends).

How can I make 100K passive income?

Another option for investing 100K for passive income is to invest in real estate crowdfunding. With this option, you allow a company to pool your money with other investors to purchase a property. The company will then rent the property out to tenants and return the profits to you.

How long would it take to double 100K?

Years it Takes to Double So, to use this formula for the $100,000 investment mentioned above, with a 6% rate of return, you can determine that your money will double in 11.9 years, which is close to the 12 years you’d get if you simply divided 72 by 6.