What to Look For When Hiring a Digital Marketing Account Manager

Digital Marketing Account Manager
Digital Marketing Account Manager

This article is about franchise digital marketing and choosing the right agency.

The account manager plays an important role in managing your digital marketing world.

The success of your franchise marketing depends on the skills, experience, and dedication of your account manager.

The Role of an Account Manager

The account manager is the unsung hero of the digital marketing world, who has to juggle dozens of tasks and have all the answers.

They are responsible for collecting information from multiple sources and making the connections that will help them tailor their marketing approach, meet deadlines, set goals and help you understand the value of your digital marketing spend.

Skills to Look For in an Account Manager

A good account manager should have a demonstrated skill set that lets them navigate the wild and wooly world of digital marketing.

They should be comfortable managing people, deadlines, data, expectations, and more. A great account manager possesses soft skills such as transparency, intuition, and empathy.

Transparency helps to build trust and accountability with clients. Intuition helps the account manager to anticipate issues and make strategic decisions. Empathy helps to recognize the relationship between the account manager and the client.

Choosing the right franchise digital marketing agency and account manager is crucial for the success of your business.

Look for an account manager who has a good handle on the demands of the job, possesses the right skills, and has the soft skills necessary to deliver the goods during exceptional or challenging times.

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