What Not to Do on Good Friday

If you’re Catholic, you know what not to do on Good Friday.

You should avoid changing bed linens, buying lottery tickets, and using the internet, which is believed to curse Jesus.

Changing bed linens also causes bad dreams. This is because God cursed Jesus while he was on the cross and slapped with wet material.

It is also frowned upon to work, and it is especially unlucky to use your computer on Good Friday.

For Catholics, Good Friday marks the Passion of Jesus Christ.

In the early days of Christianity, religious leaders arrested Jesus and sentenced him to death for claiming to be the son of God and King of the Jews.

Crucifixion was the highest punishment for a crime, and Jesus was nailed to a cross, hung on his feet, and hung on it. Good Friday, a day of reflection, commemorates Christ’s passion.

Many Protestant denominations hold special services on Good Friday. The readings for the day are taken from Exodus 12:1-11. The older Tridentine Mass incorporates the Gospel of St. John, which contains John 18:1-40 and John 19:1-52).

Many ancient cultures associated Good Friday with casting off shoes. Many children remained barefoot on this day.

Others waited until May Day before going barefoot. Many believed that going barefoot on Good Friday would protect their feet from thorns and cuts.

It is believed that this practice is a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. It is a day when people reflect on their life and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

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