What is Van Jones’ CNN Net Worth?


When asked about his net worth, Van Jones’ answer is complicated. The political commentator has earned a considerable amount of money from his activism and books. In addition to his work with CNN, he is the CEO of REFORM Alliance. His networth is substantial, and his activism, including his appearances on the show, have contributed to a vast amount of his wealth. Read on to learn more about his career and net worth.

In addition to being a top political commentator, Van also works as a lawyer, author, and co-founder of several non-profit organizations. His career includes several publications, a role as a former Presidential Advisor for Green Jobs, and co-founding several non-profit organizations that support human rights. His charitable work has earned him awards and accolades. His CNN Net worth is expected to increase to $5 million by 2022, and his salary is estimated at $1 million.


His work on CNN has contributed to his fortune. His work as a political commentator has earned him a handsome salary from several organizations, including the United Nations and CNN. He also earns millions of dollars by hosting live events and interviews with celebrities. Additionally, Van Jones has worked as an adviser to President Barack Obama and he also co-founded various non-profit organizations. In addition to these activities, his net worth is growing steadily.

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