What is Ryan Lizza’s Net Worth?


The CNN Political Correspondent Ryan Lizza has a net worth of $7 million. She has published many controversial articles over the years, and was recently kicked off the Obama campaign plane for a controversial cartoon. Nonetheless, the media star has kept quiet about her networth. If you are curious about her salary and assets, read on. Here are some facts about her. The first is her background. She has been married twice, and both times to the same man. Her parents are both doctors, and she has two children with both of them.

Initially, Lizza was a journalist at The New Yorker. But in December of 2017, his marriage was dissolved and he went back to CNN. This news caused a lot of controversy, and CNN suspended his show for a while. However, after an investigation, the network reinstated him. Later, he was hired by Esquire magazine as their chief political correspondent. Now, his net worth is estimated at $4.5 million.


Previously, Lizza worked as a Washington correspondent for The New Yorker. He was fired from the news network after he was accused of sexual misconduct. After the investigation, he was allowed to return to CNN and continues to work for the network. But it isn’t all good news for Lizza’s career. While many people consider his net worth to be high, it’s hard to say how he got it.

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