What is Otakoyakisoba?

Oliver, also known as Otakoyakisoba, is a Filipino-American content creator and social media influencer.

He is best known for his “Name That Celebrity” challenge videos and the comedy content he creates with his mother Lulu.

Some would call them an influential couple.Their TikTok fanbase numbers in the millions.

They are also known for their cooking tutorials and other lifestyle content, which has resulted in over 577 million total likes.

The inclusion of his mother, who has now become more popular than Oliver himself, is a prominent feature of his content.

Fans have quickly grown accustomed to this mother-son duo’s brilliant chemistry.

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He frequently includes his mother in his TikTok videos, such as his “Guess The Celebrity” challenge series.

Fans will mostly find food-related content on his YouTube channel, such as cooking tutorials and recipes that Mama Lulu shares with their subscribers.

You should definitely follow Olly on TikTok and Mama Lulu on Instagram to get your daily dose of good vibes! I can’t wait to see more videos!

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