It is not clear what Mia Hamm’s net worth is, but her career as an athlete has earned her millions. In 1997, she won the ACC Female Athlete of the Year Award. In 1999, she endorsed the first soccer Barbie. In 2000, she appeared in commercials with Michael Jordan for Gatorade. In 2016, she purchased a home in Los Angeles, California. The house is four thousand five hundred square feet and has five bedrooms.

She started her career as an actress at a young age, and in 1998 she starred in the HBO documentary “Baby Face.” After her first marriage, she went on to have a few relationships and started her own foundation. Her brother, who had aplastic anemia, had passed away when she was young. She and her husband decided to spend more time with their three children, and have been married for three years.

Her net worth has continued to grow since her professional soccer career ended. The couple has two children and continue to work in similar fields even after retirement. Then, she became the youngest U.S. national women’s soccer player at age fifteen. She went on to win four World Cups and helped the school’s women’s team to the NCAA championships four times. That makes her an extremely wealthy woman.


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