What flavoring with smoked salmon?

The great friend of Smoked salmon is dill. Fresh, it finds its place in the small sauce that accompanies the Smoked salmonbut also in the accompanying salad and of course as decoration on the beautiful dish where the thin slices of Smoked salmon.


What aromatic herbs? Top 10 of aromatic herbs to cook

  1. The Basilic. One of aromatic herbs the most essential is basil. …
  2. Tarragon. …
  3. Coriander. …
  4. Mint. …
  5. Chives. …
  6. Dill. …
  7. Thyme
  8. Rosemary.


What replaces dill?

There is a perfect replacement: fennel! Choose one that has lots of leaves, as these will replace thedill. Strip them and treat them like fresh grass, and you won’t see the difference!

Which aromatic herb with which dish? Dishes main

To accompany vegetables: dill, basil, sage, tarragon and fennel. Dill, bay leaf, tarragon and rosemary lend their leaves to stews. To enhance the taste of fish, cook them with dill, basil, sage, tarragon and fennel.

Which herbs in herbs?

Top 10 of Herbs annuals and perennials

  • Basil. This grass popular aromatic heat-loving. …
  • Borage. Borage is an interesting plant for its hairy leaves and its beautiful edible blue flowers, both with a refreshing taste. …
  • Coriander. …
  • Parsley. …
  • Rosemary. …
  • Chive. …
  • Lovage. …
  • Melissa.

How to replace mint in a recipe? Coriander with Thai basil or flat-leaf parsley. The mint by chervil. Dill with sorrel or chives.

What replaces basil?

If you don’t have any basildo not panic, the list of herbs for the replace is long. You can always use thyme, oregano, tarragon, savory or even dried coriander in your recipes.

How to use dill in cooking? It is used to season light sauces, mayonnaise or remoulade, but also chicken or veal stews, fish. It also goes well with vegetables like cucumber, zucchini and beans. Its seeds are sprinkled on bread and unique meat dishes.

You can also mix them with butter or oil, and create aromatic ice cubes to add to your soups, sauces, pasta, etc. aromatic herbs such as thyme, rosemary or mint can be used daily in healthy herbal tea. They perfume very well our hot or cold waters.

How to mix aromatic herbs? To properly cultivate aromatic plants, it is recommended to make associations. It is then necessary to choose plants with the same needs and requirements. For example, parsley, chives and sorrel go well together. The plants dry like thyme go well with rosemary or bay leaf.

What herb goes well with tuna? They are mainly chives, parsley, chervil and tarragon.

What is the composition of herbs?

By Herbswe mean a set (bouquet) ofherbs and aromatic vegetable plants, with a traditional blend of parsley (usually flat), chives, chervil and tarragon. But you can supplement according to your tastes: savory, oregano, sage, marjoram…

When buying, we choose Herbs whose leaves are a beautiful green color, with no trace of mold or rot. Avoid those that are wilted or yellow in color. Like the Herbs grow very easily in a pot or in a garden, you can also grow them at home.

What are perennial herbs?

perennial herbs

  • Balm lemon balm (lemon balm) sun. Read more.
  • Chamomile officinalis. sun. Read more.
  • Chive. sun. Read more.
  • Lovage. sun. Read more.
  • Marjoram. sun. Read more.
  • Variegated marjoram. sun. Read more.
  • Pepper mint. sun. Read more.
  • Green mint. sun.

What herb can replace mint? Mint — Basil or rosemary. Nutmeg — Allspice, cinnamon, ginger, or mace. Oregano — Thyme or basil. Parsley — Basil or sage.

How to replace mint in a mojito? Rosemary can also replace the leaves of mint fresh that we are used to using in a Mojito with or without alcohol.

Which herb replaced tarragon?

11 substitutes herbs at the tarragon easy and tasty

  • Tarragon dried
  • Angelic.
  • Basil.
  • Chervil.
  • dill.
  • Fennel (fronds or seeds)
  • Anise (anise seed or anise)
  • Marjoram.

Which herb is closest to basil? – the basil by: oregano, thyme. – coriander by: parsley.

What can replace thyme?

Thyme — Basil, oregano or rosemary.

What spice to replace coriander? By what substitute cilantro : 5 aromatic herbs and spices a choice

  • 1/5 Parsley. Parsley belongs to the same family as coriander . …
  • 2/5 Cumin. cumin may to be a very good substitute for the coriander . …
  • 3/5 Basil. …
  • 4/5 curry powder. …
  • 5/5 Mixture of herbs.

What part of dill to eat?

Etymology of the name of the aromatic plant ” Dill

This aromatic plant can reach 60 cm in height and stands on a single stem. Its seeds are also edible.

How to prepare dill? Detach the leaves from each branch one by one by pinching them with your finger as close as possible to the stem. Place them in the cul-de-poule. Strain the contents of the cul-de-poule through a colander. Drop the leavesdill in a salad spinner and pat them dry.

What are the benefits of dill?

It has digestive and stimulating properties that will improve digestion, stimulate transit and limit bloating.