What Diseases Does John Blackman Have?

A new case of life-threatening bone cancer has surfaced on the top of John Blackman’s head, and he’s announced it on social media.

In order to save Blackers’ life four years ago, surgeons had to remove his jaw.

What Diseases Does John Blackman Have?

On Facebook yesterday he posted about his new ordeal, saying

“Four weeks ago, I was diagnosed with very unexpected bone cancer on the top of my noggin and the possibility of brain cancer beneath (yes, I actually do have a brain). This was the same aggressive cancer that took my jaw four years ago.

“Happily, cancer (if there is a happy side to cancer) was spreading up and down and not in multiple directions. This could have made surgery improbable.

“Following PET and CAT Scans and a radioactive MRI, my plastic surgeon Frank consulted with my neurosurgeon, Patrick, and together they devised a plan of attack. Both are eminent in their fields and professionally precise and have worked on several similar surgeries together. They were very confident of success.”

The surgery was successful and the cancer-infected bone has been replaced with a titanium mesh cover 10 days after surgery. Brain biopsies taken during surgery were also positive for the disease.

John will begin six weeks of radiotherapy in the next week.

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