Earlier this month, a fourth-grade teacher in Utah asked on social media how parents and students at a school with a predominately white student body would react to her classroom, which she said was “built for non-white pupils.”

A teacher at William Penn Elementary School in the Salt Lake City, New York area remarked, “I’m going to be teaching in a largely white school for the first time in my life, and I’m kind of curious in watching how students and parents react to my class, or even if they notice anything about it.” Utah: “Because it’s intended for students who aren’t white.”

The instructor noted that this was her first year at a school where the majority of pupils were white and that many aspects of the classroom, including the coloring books she gives students, “do not represent white children.”

The teacher continued by saying that while some of the works in her class library are about “straight white guys,” who she claimed dominated literature, “diverse peoples,” including characters of color and people with other gender identities and sexual orientations, “overpower” them.

If it’s based on my experience with luxury, white parents will believe this year, I get the impression that some parents might have something to say about it. We shall see,” she said.

In a statement late on Sunday, the administrator of William Penn Elementary School stated that it is her “personal job” to “guarantee that every student feels safe and welcome.” adding that “making students feel unwelcome in any manner, shape, or form is inappropriate for any staff member.”

The instructor apologized for her remarks, deleted the social media post, and the district was looking into the matter to see whether any district policies had been broken, the principal added.

Nicole Neely, president of Parents Defending Education, who reported the event, said, “When schools reopened last year for personalized education, we questioned if parents would continue to be interested in education issues or if this movement would dissipate.” Digital News. “We rapidly discovered that parents are more concerned than ever because they no longer have access to information about their children’s education, and movies like this demonstrate that their worries are frequently well-founded.”

A Granite School District representative told Fox News Digital that it would be against district policy to instruct anything other than the approved curriculum and standards or to discriminate against any student.

The representative stated, “We anticipate that appropriate corrective actions will be made after our review is finished. We are aware that one of our responsibilities as educators is to support the families we work with and our parents’ participation in the schools and classrooms.

According to the school’s website, more than 85% of the 560 pupils at William Penn Elementary School are Caucasian.


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