Wassce Results/Grades That Can Easily Get You Scholarships Abroad

Education is expensive!

From our research, over 80% African students are willing to futher their tertiary education abroad if the opportunity is available to them.

However, there is generally limited Scholarships available to enable African students study abroad, as such, it is very competitive when it comes to winning a scholarship spot.

Various factors make up a selection criteria for most scholarships abroad programs.

A very important factor is your qualifications, for most west african high school graduates, pursuing an undergraduate program abroad means such students must have certain type of wassce results or grades.

It obvious academic records are basic requirements for gaining a spot for most scholarships.

Wassce Results/Grades That Can Easily Get You Scholarships Abroad

To be elegible for most scholarship abroad programs, high school students with waec certification should have at least 6 to 19 or better.

This is not a rigid rule, however falling within that range increases your chances of gaining scholarship abroad.

Please Note that most Scholarships abraod lay great emphasis on your academic records when during selection processes.

Scoring an A1 in all your core subjects will be of great help.

More importantly, have a unique skill

Extra Curriculum Skill That Can Help You Get Scholarship Abroad

  • Drawing
  • Playing keyboard / piano
  • Playing football
  • Playing basketball
  • Playing baseball
  • Good in Robotics
  • Capable of speaking other international languages. Spanish, French etc

Having result within the ranges above and have other extra curriculum skills increases your chances of getting most scholarships.

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