Visa: Meaning, Types, Example And How To Get A Travel Visa


You might be wondering what the term “visa” stands for. The truth is, while some people might say it stands for Verified International Stay Approval or Virtual Important Stamp Authorization, the term “visa” is a simple noun rather than an acronym.

Meaning of Visa

Visa, the Latin word charta visa, means paper that has to be seen. A visa is an endorsement on a passport indicating that a foreigner is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a country. A visa is endorsed in a passport in the form of a sticker or a stamp.

What is visa and passport?

A visa is stamped into a passport. A valid passport is required to be issued a visa. One cannot obtain a visa without a passport.

How much is the visa?

Visa fees vary from country to country. The type of visa one applies for determines the fee to be paid. For instance, a U.S non-immigrant visa fee is $160 while UK’s Standard Visa fee is $139.

Can I apply for visa without passport?

No, a visa cannot be applied for without a passport. A visa contains the passport details of the applicant and as such a valid passport is required to complete the visa application form. Once approved, a visa has to be endorsed in a passport.

How do I get a visa?

Getting a visa depends on how the country issues its visas. While most countries require that you apply at the embassy, a good number of others also issue visas on arrival or online. So check with the embassy or MFA of the country you are traveling to for their visa procedures.

How do I apply for a visa?

A visa application begins with an understanding of the types of visas and which suits your purpose. Once you get to know the type of visa needed for your purpose of travel, gather the relevant documents, complete the application form, book an appointment to submit the application, and attend an interview. Every embassy has its own visa application process. Some embassies allow applicants to walk in anytime to make the visa application and others also require that applicants book an appointment. Not all embassies interview visa applicants.

How do I know my visa type?

The type of your visa is indicated on your visa. The visa type is usually indicated with letters or visa codes. Most countries classify visitor’s visa as ‘C’. The U.S tourism and business visa are ‘B1/B2’. Transit visas are ‘A’ or ‘B’.

What are the documents required to apply visa?

Documents required to apply for a visa depending on the type of visa you are applying for and where you are making the application. Visas issued on arrival do not require too many documents. In some cases, nothing is required with the exception of a valid passport. To apply for a visa, you need to prove to the visa officer that your intentions are genuine, you have means of supporting yourself financially in the country, you have strong social and economic ties in your home country, and you have made specific arrangements towards your travel.

How much is a US visa?

U.S non-immigrant visa costs $160 and Petition-based visas cost $190.

How much is a green card?

Green Card is issued after obtaining a petition-based visa. Therefore, the cost of a green card is the same as that of a petition-based visa which is $190.

When should we apply for visa?

Depending on where you are traveling to, you can apply for a visa 3 to 6 months before your intended travel date.

How can I apply for visa online?

A number of countries accept visa applications online and some even go ahead to issue evisas. Where possible, the country’s eVisa portal provides guidelines on how to apply for a visa online.

How long does it take to get a visa?

Visa processing times vary from country to country, The United States issues visas under a week after attending the interview while the United Kingdom processes applications within 24 hours to 15 days depending on the type of service chosen.