University of Ghana Legon business courses 2022/2023

University of Ghana Legon business courses, University of Ghana Business School is undoubtedly one of the prestigious universities in the republic of Ghana. The institution is located in Accra, Ghana. The institution offers undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. courses in six academic departments namely,

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University of Ghana Legon business courses

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  1. Department of Finance
  2. Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  3. Department of Accounting
  4. Department of Operations and Management Information Systems (OMIS)
  5. Department of Public Administration and Health Services Management (PAHSM)
  6. Department of Organization and Human Resource Management (OHRM)

Courses offered at university of Ghana Legon business school

University of Ghana Business School Undergraduate courses

  1. B.Sc. Administration (Accounting Option)
  2. BSc. Administration (Banking and Finance Option)
  3. BSc. Administration (Insurance)
  4. BSc. Administration (Marketing Option) 2.
  5. BSc. Administration (E-Commerce and Customer Management Option)
  6. BSc. Administration (Human Resource Management Option)
  7. BSc. Administration (Public Administration Option) 2.
  8. BSc. Administration (Health Services Management Option)

The department currently has one program at the diploma level, two programs at the undergraduate level and seven programs at the graduate level.

University of Ghana Legon business courses
University of Ghana Legon business courses
  1. University of Ghana Business School MBA courses
    MBA Accounting (Regular and weekend)
  2. EMBA Accounting
  3. MPhil Accounting
  4. Ph.D. Accounting
  5. MBA Finance (Regular and Weekend)
  6. EMBA Finance
  7. MSc. Development Finance
  8. MPhil Finance
  9. MPhil Risk Management and Insurance
  10. Ph.D. Finance
  11. MBA Marketing (Regular and Weekend)
  12. MPhil Marketing
  13. EMBA Marketing
  14. EMBA Entrepreneurial Management
  15. Ph.D. Marketing
  16. MA Management and Administration
  17. EMBA Project Management
  18. EMBA Human Resource Management
  19. MPhil Human Resource Management
  20. Ph.D. in Human Resource Management
  21. MBA Management Information Systems (Regular and weekend)
  22. MPhil Management of Information Systems
  23. MPhil Operations Management
  24. MSc. Management Information Systems
  25. Ph.D. Information Systems
  26. MPA (Regular and Weekend)
  27. MSc. Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  28. MSc. Clinical Leadership and Management
  29. MBA in Health Services Management (Regular and Weekend)
  30. MPhil Public Administration
  31. MPhil Health Services Management
  32. Ph.D. Public Administration & Policy Management
  33. Ph.D. Health Policy and Management

Upcoming programs

  1. MA Marketing Strategy
  2. MSc Hospitality and Tourism Management
  3. MSc International Business
  4. MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  5. MPhil Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  6. MSc. Clinical Leadership and Management

University of Ghana MBA Finance courses

  1. MBA Finance (Regular and Weekend)
  2. EMBA Finance
  3. MSc. Development Finance
  4. MPhil Finance
  5. MPhil Risk Management and Insurance

Short courses in University of Ghana Business School

Here are the courses

  1. Warehouse and Inventory Management
  2. Effective Leadership in Management and Administration
  3. Accounting for Non-Accountants
  4. Effective Office Management and Administration
  5. How To Become an Effective Personal Assistant
  6. Procurement Management
  7. Logistics and Transport Management
  8. Effective Front Desk Management
  9. Internal Audit and Control
  10. Effective Leadership in Management and Administration
  11. Procurement Management
  12. Organizational Health and Safety Practices
  13. Supply Chain Management
  14. Financial Modelling using Microsoft Excel
  15. Practical Selling Skills
  16. Effective Management of SMEs
  17. Effective Human Resource Management
  18. Effective Supervision
  19. Effective Front Desk Management
  20. Negotiation Skills

University of Ghana Business School Weekend MBA

  1. Accounting option
  2. Economics
  3. Management Science
  4. Organizational Behavior & Mgt.
  5. Management Information Systems
  6. Accounting Theory I
  7. Long Essay
  8. Accounting for Sustainability
  9. Advanced Issues in Financial Reporting
  10. Accounting Systems & Procedures
  11. ACCT 607 Advanced Public Sector Accounting
  12. Finance
  13. Managerial Accounting
  14. Economics
  15. Management Science
  16. Organizational Behavior & Management
  17. Management Information Systems
  18. Long Essay
  19. Business Law
  20. Investment Management
  21. Corporate Finance
  22. Financial Management of Banks
  23. Health Services Management
  24. Managerial Accounting
  25. Managerial Accounting
  26. Managerial Accounting
  27. Economics
  28. Management Science
  29. Management Information Systems
  30. Administrative & Organization Theory
  31. Global Health
  32. Health Policy & Management
  33. Managing Quality in Health Service Organizations
  34. Cultural Dimensions of Health
  35. Health Promotion Approaches & Methods
  36. Marketing Option
  37. Managerial Accounting

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