UHAS Scholarships And Financial Aids


UHAS Scholarships

The University of Health and Allied Sciences a public university located at Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana. UHAS is one of the youngest public universities in Ghana. Its operation started in September 2012, when the first batch of 154 students was admitted.

Scholarships Available for UHAS Students

UHAS Scholarships are payments awarded to students based on outstanding academic achievements, or because they have met all requirements set out by the scholarship sponsor.

There are 2 main types of scholarships that you can apply for, A Full scholarship: A payment that covers all of your tuition and textbook fees.  It potentially even provides a monthly stipend to cover your living expenses. Partial scholarship: This could be a smaller payment that must go towards your studies. The total scholarship amount is often stipulated along with the application requirements.

UHAS Scholarships and Financial Aids

Uhas may have numerous internal systerm for helping and encouraging students through Scholarships and Financial Aids, However, Here are scholarships that students at Uhas can take advantage of.

Some of these scholarships may be limited to other universities only.

Here are Scholarships UHAS Students Can apply for

GETFUND Scholarships

GNPC Scholarships

Ghana Scholarship Secretariat

Free SHS Scholarships

Above are the main sources of Scholarship available from the Government to UHAS Students, Both under and Post Graduate.

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