TV Presenter Salary in Ghana


TV Presenter Salary

TV Presenter Salary, Numerous factors affect TV Presenter Salary in Ghana,

Some of them range from qualification to affiliated institution. However, we’ve provided a brief insight as to what TV Presenter earn on average in Ghana.

The actual pay might vary due to other factors, but it certainly won’t exceed the range provided on this page.

Often wonder how much they earn even with all their effort in imparting knowledge? The work of a TV Presenter is a difficult one, not only in Ghana. Be it a junior, Senior TV Presenter, or even a professor, they should have decent take-home pay considering their own contribution to the economy.

TV Presenter Salary

The being said, we’ll be looking at the salaries of TV Presenter in Ghana. Just like we’ve mentioned above, there is a wide difference between the salaries of TV Presenter due to their ranks.

In fact, the salary increases as you move up the ladder of your academic career. Also, TV Presenter is paid according to their qualifications and affiliated institution. That is to say, a TV Presenter with a Ph.D. will definitely earn more than one with an MSc.

TV Presenter Salary in Ghana

Here is the amount TV Presenter get paid in Ghana,

TV Presenter in the lower TV Presenterde earns between GHC5,000 – GHC10,000 per month.
Senior TV Presenter earn between GHC10,000 – GHC15,000 per month
Professors earn the most, and their salary is expected to be far above GHC222,000 per annum.

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