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Sir Tony Blair became the youngest Prime Minister in a century when he surged to victory in May 1997.
The former Prime Minister is still involved in UK politics.

What is Tony Blair’s?

Sir Tony was Labour’s longest-serving Prime Minister, leading the party to three general election victories in a row.
He had other objectives before his spectacular ascension to the top of politics.
Mr. Blair attended Edinburgh’s Fettes public school and aspired to be a rock music producer.

He, on the other hand, elected to study law at Oxford and subsequently become a barrister.
In 1983, he was elected as an MP for Sedgefield, and he rose through the Labour Party ranks to become Leader in 1994.

What is Tony Blair’s age?

He became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the age of 43, just days before his birthday in May 1997.
He was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for ten years.

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How old is Tony Blair?

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was born in Edinburgh on May 6, 1953.

It makes the politician 69 years old.

Who is Tony Blair’s wife Cherie?

Cherie Blair, who was born Cherie Booth, is a British barrister, judge, and lecturer who grew up in Liverpool.

She is the daughter of the actor Tony Booth, best known as Alf Garnett’s son-in-law.

Tony and Cherie met when they were both pupil barristers.

Tony Blair Children

They are the parents of four children.
Euan, their son, worked at Morgan Stanley before launching White Hat, a start-up.
According to The Times, the company, which is now known as Multiverse, was valued at £1.36 billion in a capital round in June 2022.

Nicky, a football agent, and Kathryn, a lawyer, are their other children, as well as their youngest son Leo.
Cherie is a QC who has served as a patron of Breast Cancer Care and has appeared in a number of high-profile court matters.

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She was named Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2013 New Year’s Honours for her contributions to women’s issues and charity.
She was accused of being greedy in the real estate industry when rent hikes at a block of flats owned by her family were alleged.

What is Tony Blair’s net worth?

Blair’s net worth has been estimated to be in the millions of pounds, with some estimates putting it as high as £100 million.

However, a Telegraph investigation in 2015 revealed that he had a personal fortune of £60 million.
According to The Guardian, the Blair family got on the property gravy train, buying more than two dozen flats in Manchester and collecting £27 million in the property.

During his presidency, the housing boom that rendered homes unaffordable for those under the 40s but a cash cow for buy-to-let landlords began to accelerate, according to some critics.
A home in London’s Connaught Square, which they bought for £3.65 in 2004 and is now worth £8.4 million, was among their real estate holdings.

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Where is Tony Blair now?

Blair is the executive chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, which says he has been “helping governments to deliver success for their people, advocating for peace in the Middle East, and opposing extremism” since leaving office.
Blair launched a political comeback a decade after stepping down as Prime Minister, citing Brexit as his motivation.
He has also hinted at forming his own political party and has taken an active position in a consulting firm, as well as establishing his own foundation, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.
He is said to charge up to £200,000 for a single speaking engagement.
He’s also made a number of shots at Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader.
In 2018, he claimed that Mr. Corbyn’s confusing EU stance was alienating both sides of the Brexit argument.

Sir Tony was outspoken during the Covid epidemic and was one of the first to advocate for delivering only one vaccine dosage rather than two.
He was made a Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter in 2022.