Tom Sandoval Siblings: What You need to Know about Brian Sandoval

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Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval, one of the main cast members of the popular reality TV show Vanderpump Rules, has a close relationship with his family.

Fans of the show are often curious about his siblings, particularly his brother Brian Sandoval, who has been mentioned on the show several times.


Tom Sandoval Siblings

Brian Sandoval is the older brother of Tom Sandoval. He was born on August 5, 1963, in Redding, California.

Like his brother, Brian is also in the entertainment industry. He is an accomplished actor, writer, and producer with several credits to his name.


Brian Sandoval’s career in the entertainment industry began in the early 90s.

He has appeared in several TV shows, movies, and theater productions over the years.

Some of his notable acting credits include the TV shows Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mentalist, and ER, as well as the movies The Unborn and Flight 7500.

In addition to acting, Brian Sandoval has also worked behind the scenes as a writer and producer. He has written several TV episodes and produced TV shows and movies.


Some of his notable writing and producing credits include the TV shows Major Crimes, The Glades, and CSI: Miami.

Tom Sandoval and Brian Sandoval have a close relationship. They grew up together in St. Louis, Missouri, and have remained close throughout their lives.

Tom has often spoken about his brother on Vanderpump Rules, referring to him as his “hero” and a major influence in his life.

In one episode of the show, Tom revealed that his brother was a major reason why he pursued a career in the entertainment industry.

According to Tom, Brian was the first person to encourage him to pursue his dreams and supported him every step of the way.

Tom and Brian also work together in the entertainment industry. They co-wrote and co-produced the short film Behind Your Eyes in 2011.

The film was well-received and won several awards at film festivals.

In addition to their professional collaborations, Tom and Brian also spend time together outside of work.

They often attend events together and support each other’s endeavors.

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