Titanic: Could Jack have fit on the door with Rose on his back?

The MythBusters conducted a test to answer this question.

The results showed that they could not have fit. It is likely that the door wouldn’t float under the weight of two people, but that it would be able to support the weight of a single human being.

Jack and Rose would have needed life jackets to stay afloat.

The raft was too small to hold the weight of the couple, and Jack would have had trouble with buoyancy.

However, there are two theories to explain the fate of Jack and Rose. Rose had the life vest and Jack could have put it under the door frame.

So, which one of these two theories is correct? Read on for an explanation of each. Then, weigh the facts to decide for yourself.

A Titanic fan recently recreated the door in the movie, with the purpose of seeing if they could fit two adults on it.

The director of the film, James Cameron, admitted that Jack and Rose were too small to fit on the door.

However, after the episode, Cameron changed his tune and said that it is “not possible.”

This debate has lasted years and has led to elaborate recreations of the scene. In fact, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic houses the largest fragment of the Titanic.

Regardless of whether it is real or not, fans have no doubt been asking the question since the movie’s release. If there is a real truth to this, it is certainly a worthy one. The film is a classic.


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