The Biography of CNN’s Michael Holmes


The biography of CNN’s Michael Holmes is an interesting read. The Australian-born news anchor, originally from Sydney, has been a CNN International correspondent since 2007. He is currently the host of CNN Newsroom with Mike Holmes, which airs weekends from 12am to 4am ET. Prior to that, he anchored the CNN Today show with Amara Walker. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Canberra.

His work has been widely acclaimed. He has covered several hotspots, including Iraq, Ukraine, and Australia. He was the only Australian journalist to cover the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. In addition to reporting on events on the ground, Holmes is also a prolific broadcaster. The Biography of CNN’s Michael Holmes includes the plight of asylum seekers in America. He also has a documentary focusing on his time in Iraq.


While his career spans more than three decades, Holmes is best known for his coverage of the Middle East. He has covered the Iraq war from the start and has reported on insurgency and occupation. In 2004, he was injured during an ambush on a CNN convoy in Iraq. He managed to survive the attack, but the survivors were stranded in an abandoned car. In 2003, he covered the trial of Saddam Hussein, and spent four months with his colleagues.

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