Ted Cruz Daughter Tiktok Video

Ted Cruz Daughter Tiktok Video

Caroline Cruz, who is now 14 years old, become popular after a picture of the Cruz family Christmas card, in which Caroline appears to be having the worst possible time.

After other TikTokers inquired as to what it was like to be Cruz’s daughter, the adolescent created the video, which was then reposted on Twitter.

Caroline compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages of her family’s lifestyle. Caroline Tiktok’s TikTok account was made private after her video went viral, but not before social media users screenshotted her bio.

She listed her pronouns as she/her and said she identified as bisexual. Caroline asked if Cruz knew about her sexual orientation by saying, ‘I’m kinda frightened to be honest, but I don’t believe he would be furious about it’.

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