Tanya perished from a skydiving mishap. After taking lessons, she participated in a skydiving in Toronto near the end of August. She later passed away from wounds acquired during her first solo jump.

A 21-year-old skydiving student died from fatal injuries sustained in an emergency on Saturday, August 27th, at about 6:00 pm EDT, according to a statement posted on Facebook on Friday by the skydiving firm SkyDive Toronto.

Without giving the reserve parachute enough time or space to inflate, the skydiver immediately rotated and opened his main parachute at a low height.

Tanya Pardazi is a TikTok celebrity and a finalist for Miss Canada. Under the handle @philosatea, she had amassed millions of views on the social networking platform. She was 21 years old when she perished in a skydiving mishap. She was a University of Toronto student studying philosophy.


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