Susan Rook Net Worth – How Much Does Susan Rook Make at CNN?


Susan Rook is a CNN anchor and a former executive vice president. She has worked at the network since 1993, and was previously married to Ed Turner. She was an alcoholic, and her marriage was ended by cancer in 2002. Since then, she has traveled to many countries, including Nepal, where she climbed the base camp of Mount Everest. While her net worth is not public knowledge, she does make a good living – she earns $35,338 per year at CNN, which is not much more than a salary for most people working in TV news.

She started anchoring overnight news cutins before moving on to more prominent roles. She co-anchored “Newsnight,” “Evening News,” and “Talkback Live” with Bernard Shaw, and hosted Talkback Live. In 1996, Rook was a panelist at a presidential election debate where future president Bill Clinton and former President George H.W. Bush discussed the My Lai Massacre. Prior to her time at CNN, Rook spent several years as an investigative reporter, working in New Orleans and Ft. Myers, Florida. She graduated from George Mason University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.


After working at CNN for about six years, Rook left to host Talkback Live. She cites a lack of interest in the national dialogue after leaving the network. She also cited the “whining” of her colleagues as a reason for leaving. While she was leaving, she credited the company for helping her reclaim her life. If you’re looking for a source of income, look no further.

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